Our educators are very friendly, dynamic, qualified and very experienced with pre school children
The program will be all in French. We have our qualifications as Educators/Teachers and current working with children check and first aid certificate, CPR, asthma, anaphylaxis, COVID safe and mandatory reporting unit completed yearly.
According to the regulations of the Department of Education of Victoria the child ratio is 1 educator
for 11 children (between 3 and 5 years old). We have 3 educators in the room of each program as we believe this is for the best outcome for the children and our program.

We love to engage with young children and share our knowledge of the French language and the French culture.
We look forward to getting to know your child and your family!

Fanny is the director of Almost French and responsible for all the legal aspects of Almost French She is also a qualified and experienced early childhood teacher and has lived in Australia for 16 years She is the proud mum of 3 children (Elsa 12 yrs Arthur 9 yrs and Pierre 6 yrs.

Marie Josée is a qualified early childhood teacher and educational leader She is very experienced with pre school children and has lived in Australia for the past 10 years She is the proud mum of Sharlie and Cooper 3 yrs and 6 months).

Dominique is a qualified early childhood teacher. She has extensive experience in the industry, working in a variety of early childhood settings over the past 20 years. Dominique’s pedagogy focuses on supporting a strong sense of self and a welcoming, inclusive environment for all children.

Lucie is a qualified diploma qualified early childhood educator She also does French tutoring at all levels She loves travelling, dancing, reading, sciences and taking care of children.

Stephanie is a dynamic Early childhood educator She really enjoys participating in the well being of children. Some of her interests include cooking and photography She is the proud mum of 2 children Marley 8 yrs and Norah 3 yrs.

Kelly is a Diploma qualified early childhood educator and a French teacher. She has been in Melbourne for four years and has been teaching French in various countries to children, teenagers and adults for more than 7 yrs. She loves music, cooking, arts, exploring sensorial experiences and imagining dramatic plays with the children.

Axelle is a diploma qualified early childhood educator She has been living in Australia for
5 years and studied in early childhood for the past 2 years She lived in Japan for 4 years and has always been passionate about children and enjoyed seeing them grow. She loves scientific activities, travelling, art and movies.

Takako is a qualified French assistant teacher She has been working in kindergartens in Melbourne for five years prior to which she lived in France for almost 13 years Her other passion is painting and artwork and she also teaches drawing to children.

Natalia is a senior admin with years of experience in managing events and providing admin support to small and large organisations She works behind the scenes with Fanny Natalia has 3 children of her own Timothé Arthur and Juliette). She loves spending time with her children, reading, travelling and cooking.